Early on in my artistic career I was introduced to the racing world of Formula 1. It was all so exhilarating, that I just had to bring pen to paper with the race cars. At first the renderings were quite photographic and exact. I was even considered for a rendering position at Porsche in Germany, but I was already doing artwork for a Formula 2 race driver.

As a professional abstract artist, I had to find a more expressive and new way of race car interpretation; the thrill of the MOVEMENT! That would be the key to the art! Like being on the racetrack itself!

Further research for my work has taken me around the world. It’s been amazing to have experiences with driver events, pit lane photography, and of course test drives in Italy!

I have had curious comments about being a woman in racing and race car art. It is a male dominated field, yet I don’t focus on gender aspects. Of course there are barriers, and they are meant to be broken. Yet I love the race, and the challenge of the interpretation thereof, and ultimately sharing my race art creations with the world.